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Charles University of Prague: Sri Chinmoy Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Czech Pro

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC--(Marketwire - September 30, 2007) - We are living in the age of the search for a new order that would not allow anyone to threaten or endanger others. The main concept of such order is for the nations to live in the atmosphere of peaceful cooperation. As the world gets globalized it is imperative that any new project, activity or decision-making evolves out of deep understanding of the complexity of this world. Only then we will be able to feel the responsibility for all that surrounds us. That is why I have decided along with many other professors of the Charles University in Prague to nominate Sri Chinmoy for the Nobel Peace Prize this year. His accomplishments are truly outstanding. Throughout his life he has managed to address and inspire thousands of people. He has started many peace initiatives and humanitarian projects which have become the basis of cooperation among nations worldwide. Through his multifarious activities he has been urging many to cultivate their awareness of the responsibility for the world. Besides being responsible for our family, town, nation we should be aware of our responsibility for the entire world community. In his own life Sri Chinmoy has shown that such responsibility should include our humble respect for the principles of nature, acceptance of others and faith in non-violent solutions of all conflicts. I deeply appreciate all good deeds Sri Chinmoy has done on behalf of world peace for the last few decades. I am happy he has been able to carry on. I believe that awarding this man with the Nobel Peace Prize would stress the growing importance of everybody's responsibility for harmonious coexistence of nations around the globe. Prof. PhDr. Oldrich Miksik, DrSc. Department of Psychology Faculty of Philosophy and Arts Charles University, Prague oldrich.miksik@ff.cuni.cz Contacts: World Harmony Run Kritartha Brada, Spokesman Czech Republic Lomnickeho 6 1400, Prgue 4 +420 604 609 110
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