Hitt og þetta 11. desember 2006

Framfab Denmark, an LBi agency, wins a Eurobest Grand Prix

PRESS RELEASE Stockholm/Amsterdam, 11 December 2006 Developed for Nike Football, "The Chain" has won another of the industry's most prestigious awards. Earlier this year, Framfab Denmark received Gold awards from EPICA, LIAA and Cannes. Now it has ended the year on a strong note by winning a Eurobest Grand Prix in the Interactive category. According to the jury, "The Chain was a single work that really stood out and a simple idea where the visitor interacts with the brand." Probably the longest football film in the world, "The Chain" was created by splicing together contributions by various users such that the ball is passed from one to the other. The result is a demonstration of ingenious football techniques from every corner of the globe. See "The Chain" for yourself at http://nikefootball.nike.com/nikefootball/siteshell/index.jsp#,en,0;chainmix See also attached link for full press release in pdf For further information, please contact: Robert Pickering, CEO, LBI International AB +31 20 460 45 00, robert.pickering@lbi.com Jesper Andersen, EVP, LBI International AB and Managing Director for Framfab in Scandinavia +45 3916 2929, jesper.andersen@framfab.com Lars Cortsen, Creative Director, Framfab Denmark +45 3916 2929, lars.cortsen@framfab.com Tobias Bülow, Group Communications Manager, LBI International AB +46 709 41 22 58, tobias.bulow@framfab.com Dutch/Swedish LBi, active since 1993, is the leading European full service digital agency network, servicing clients with marketing and technology solutions. The Company employs over 1,200 professionals located primarily in the major European and American business centers, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Milan, Munich, New York and Stockholm. Through multidisciplinary teams, LBi creates innovative multi-channel solutions for its national and international corporate clients by uniquely combining strategy development and creative design with specific industry expertise and latest digital technology. LBi was formed by the merger of LB Icon and Framfab in August 2006 and is listed on Euronext in Amsterdam as well as on OMX Nordic in Stockholm (symbol: LBI).
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