Geneva, Switzerland - September 7th 2007 - At IBC2007, Osmosys S.A. (stand IP233), a leader and innovator in the development of open standards Java-based interactive digital television solutions, will demonstrate products, applications and systems that facilitate the management of interactive services over any broadcast platform. Visitors to the company's stand will be able to hear from senior management about how Osmosys is moving the industry forward and learn more about its vision for the future of interactive digital TV. Osmosys is a key vendor of innovative technology solutions across digital TV and the rapidly emerging IPTV markets, as well as the undisputed worldwide leader in the development and deployment of MHP middleware for cable and IPTV. IBC will see the unveiling of Osmosys' Enhanced Graphics enGine (EGG(TM)), an transformational graphics engine and library that allows video content creators and designers alike the freedom to provide revolutionary graphical capabilities with fluid motion, 3D effects, and full animation on digital display devices that were previously limited to a 2D world only. In addition, Osmosys will also present its Push Video On Demand application for IPTV networks. This cost-effective solution offers service providers more value from their IPTV network, generates incremental revenue and efficiently delivers SD and HD content. "At Osmosys, we are very excited with our new products and solutions that we plan to showcase at IBC as this will allow us a forum to demonstrate how these products and solutions are moving the digital, interactive and IPTV markets forward," said David McElhatten, Managing Director, Osmosys. "We are debuting our EGG technology publicly for the first time and we are anticipating that this will revolutionise both what the network operator can bring to market and of course what the consumer can experience. Until today, it was generally accepted that 3D graphics were not possible on standard set-top boxes. At Osmosys, we think differently and are proud of EGG and the transformational possibilities it brings to the market. Visitors to Osmosys' stand at IBC (stand IP233) can discover more about how EGG, Push VOD and further middleware, applications, systems and services are revolutionising the management of interactive services over all broadcast platforms. Key demonstrations include: * Enhanced Graphics enGine (EGG(TM)) - A revolutionary graphics engine that can be used in many markets which are seeking high quality 3D visual applications. System vendors can use EGG to create truly differentiated embedded applications offering a completely revolutionary user experience. Application developers can use EGG to create compelling content as never before, taking EPG's and VOD systems to new levels. Additionally, game developers can now seriously consider digital television as a target platform, whilst advertising agencies can grab the attention of the viewer with spectacular on-screen effects. * Osmosys Push VOD offers a bandwidth independent means of distributing any form of digital content, which in an IPTV environment is particularly useful for delivering HD content to subscribers. A wealth of content such as movies, trailers or any other TV programming can be made available to the viewer in the form of different catalogues. Network operators or service providers can define as many catalogues as they like and offer content via numerous payment methods such as pay per view or subscription. * Java Middleware - With DVB delivering the new MHP 1.2 and GEM 1.2 standards, which include IPTV profiles, there is now a truly standardised Java approach to interactive television in IPTV deployments, which will drive down cost and increase interoperability and ease of deployment, just as the DVB standards have for digital TV. Demonstrations at IBC will show why Osmosys continues to enhance its reputation for technological innovation by becoming the first company to make standards-based IPTV middleware commercially available. * Hybrid Broadcast and IPTV Set Top Box software is another area where Osmosys is uniquely suited to play a major role in the industry. Osmosys Access is a portal application offering numerous interactive applications and content coming from multiple sources such as the Internet on broadcast and IP enabled set-top boxes. The portal offers an attractive and fully skinnable user interface that gives access to a defined set of Java based or HTML applications. A broadband return channel in a hybrid configuration may ultimately lead to a new breed of hybrid IPTV and cable or satellite boxes. For more information, or to arrange a meeting at Osmosys' stand at IBC, please contact: Ian Westover Platform PR +44 (0)7725 006894 For Investor Relations information, please contact Mr. François Pogodalla, EVP, Corporate Development +41 22 592 8430 About Osmosys Osmosys S.A. is a leading innovator in the development of open standards Java based interactive TV solutions, with a comprehensive range of middleware, applications and systems that support the digital terrestrial, cable, satellite and IPTV networks. With over 4 million principle products deployed in over 15 counties, Osmosys is the undisputed leader in the development and deployment of MHP for the broadcast and IPTV markets, as well as other GEM based initiatives including OCAP (the Open Cable TV standard in the US) and the BDJ Java engine for Blu-ray, the leading next generation high definition DVD disc format. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Osmosys is a member of the ADB Group of companies; ADB Group ( is publicly listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SWX:ADBN). For more information, please visit - ends -