Hitt og þetta 20. september 2006

3CX Releases Beta of 3CX Phone System for Windows - FREE Edition

Fully Featured IP PBX With No Time Outs or Limitations

NICOSIA, CYPRUS -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 20, 2006 -- 3CX, a start-up company developing a software-based IP PBX, today released the first version of its IP PBX product, 3CX Phone System for Windows - Free edition.

3CX Phone System liberates companies from the high purchase and management costs associated with proprietary PBXs. 3CX Phone System is based on the open SIP standard and therefore works with any SIP-based gateway or phone. This eliminates the need for expensive, proprietary system phones and specialized installation and management know-how.

"3CX Phone System for Windows - Free edition is unique because it runs on Windows. Until now free IP PBX software was only available for Linux," said Nick Galea, CEO 3CX.

About 3CX Phone System for Windows - Free edition

3CX Phone System for Windows is an IP PBX that completely replaces a proprietary PBX, supports standard SIP soft/hard phones, VOIP services and traditional PSTN phone lines. 3CX Phone System is far less expensive than a traditional PBX and can reduce call costs substantially by using a VOIP service provider. Its web-based administration makes phone system management easy. 3CX Phone System eliminates the phone wiring network and allows users to hot desk simply by taking their phone. Key Features:

-- Complete phone system: Provides call switching, routing & queuing -- Purchase cost dramatically lower than a traditional hardware PBX -- Scaleable: Unlimited extensions and phone lines. No proprietary expansion modules needed! -- Web based configuration & status indication: Easy phone system management! -- Reduce long distance and inter-office call costs -- No more expensive proprietary system phones: Use standard SIP phones -- Eliminate the phone wiring and make moving offices easier.

For more information, take the product tour at http://www.3cx.com/phone-system/product-tour.html. The free edition can be downloaded at http://www.3cx.com/ip-pbx/index.html.

About 3CX

3CX is a privately held company with a management team backed by years of experience in developing and selling network infrastructure software. It maintains a global presence with localized information available in German (www.3cx.de), Spanish (www.3cx.es), French (www.3cx.fr), Portuguese (www.3cx.com.br), Japanese (www.3cx.jp), Traditional Chinese (www.3cx.com.tw), Simplified Chinese (www.3cx.cn) and Korean (www.3cx.co.kr). Furthermore a localized website is maintained for all major countries: www.3cx.it, www.3cx.nl, www.3cx.ru, www.3cx.pl, www.3cx.ae, www.3cx.gr, www.3cx.cz, www.3cx.dk, www.3cx.fi, www.3cx.hu, www.3cx.jp, www.3cx.no and www.3cx.se.

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information contact: Tamara Borg tamara@3cx.com

3CX Ltd. Engomi Business Center 1, 28th October Street 2414 Nicosia, Cyprus Tel: +357 22461392 Website: http://www.3cx.com

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