Hitt og þetta 30. ágúst 2006

ABG Sundal Collier - Partner share transactions

With reference to our press releases of April 28th 2004, April 29th 2004, March 10th 2005, March 15th 2005, March 21st 2005 and March 7th 2006 four partners will purchase 540,000 shares from the company. ASC will issue 240,000 shares at 3.41 per share, 250,000 shares at 3.72 and 50,000 shares at 6.48 per share. The previously agreed prices of 6.06, 6.07, 6.63 and 8.85 per share have been adjusted for dividend and earlier payment of the forward contracts.

Following the transactions above the company will have a total of 286,196,451 shares outstanding, 37,750 treasury shares and forward contracts with partners for a total of 38,319,000 shares. The forward contracts have settlement in 2007 - 2009. ABGSC has authorization to re-purchase its shares in the market or to issue new shares.

Following the transaction Per-Ove Breivold who is "insider" will through Poben AS purchase 240,000 shares. 140,000 shares are acquired at 3.41 per share, 50,000 shares are acquired at 3.72 per share and 50,000 shares are acquired at 6.48 per share. Following the transaction Per-Ove Breivold will own 1,233,000 shares (plus 50,000 shares on forward contracts) through Poben AS. His total holding including forward contracts is unchanged.

Contacts: Tore Grøttum COO +47 22 01 60 00