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Incumbent Portuguese carrier uses the ADVA FSP 3000 in metro connectivity between major cities for business and residential services Mahwah, New Jersey, USA, and Martinsried/Munich, Germany. July 30, 2007. ADVA Optical Networking and Nokia Siemens Networks today announced that PT Comunicações, the fixed communications division of Portugal Telecom, has deployed the ADVA Fiber Service Platform (FSP) 3000 and FSP Network Manager in new metro deployments throughout Portugal's major cities. The new deployments enable PT Comunicações to ease traffic congestion and relieve fiber exhaust in the metro core as it continues to roll out new bandwidth intensive business and residential services to a wider market. PT Comunicações is the leading service provider of telecommunications in Portugal, offering a broad range of multimedia packages, data business solutions and wireline telephone services for residential, retail and wholesale customers. These services include Ethernet connectivity, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and triple play applications, including data, voice and video services. With traffic rapidly increasing from the metro access to the metro core, PT Comunicações needs to alleviate congestion within Portugal's main cities and simplify network operations. The ADVA FSP 3000 provides the flexible bandwidth PT Comunicações requires to respond to its growing traffic demands and provision for future network growth. The product transports data streams of up to 10Gbit/s Ethernet in metro rings that reach in excess of 80km. This extra bandwidth enables PT Comunicações to accommodate increased Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) backhaul traffic from the metro access to the metro core, implement fiber relief and extend local area network (LAN) and storage area networking (SAN) interconnections. Deployed along with the FSP Network Manager, the ADVA FSP 3000 provides PT Comunicações with detailed service intelligence that provides end-to-end network monitoring and advanced remote operations. PT Comunicações commented, "ADVA Optical Networking's commitment to optical transport innovation provides the performance PT Comunicações needs to meet an increasingly competitive marketplace. The FSP 3000 enables us to respond to our customers' demands, providing the scalable bandwidth needed for current and future data-intensive applications. Throughout Portugal's major cities, customers will now benefit from increased broadband performance and improved data connection speeds." The selection of the ADVA FSP 3000 was dependent on several critical factors: its ability to run applications at their native speeds; to transport Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) traffic; and to support a hybrid architecture with multiple interfaces, including Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH). "Portugal Telecom is a European carrier with an international presence, offering services in countries as diverse as Brazil, China and Kenya," stated Brian P. McCann, ADVA Optical Networking's chief marketing and strategy officer. "In its domestic market, Portugal Telecom is rapidly rolling out new bandwidth intensive services, offering business and residential customers the latest broadband applications. ADVA Optical Networking's FSP 3000 and Network Manager ensure PT Comunicações is able to integrate these services smoothly, delivering bandwidth when and where it is needed." Ricardo Azevedo of Nokia Siemens Networks added, "ADVA Optical Networking and Nokia Siemens Networks have provided PT Comunicações with a flexible network solution that ensures its customers continue to receive a leading-edge service." # # # ABOUT ADVA OPTICAL NETWORKING ADVA Optical Networking (FSE: ADV) is at the forefront of providing Optical+Ethernet solutions that advance next-generation networks for data, storage, voice and video services. Our company's strength comes from passionate and dedicated employees, all sharing a common vision: a fast, customized response to customers' ever-changing needs. Our innovative Fiber Service Platform (FSP) and strong customer focus provide carriers and enterprises the ability to scale their networks and deliver intelligent, competitive new services. ADVA Optical Networking's solutions have been deployed at more than 200 carriers and 10,000 enterprises around the world. For further information about ADVA Optical Networking: www.advaoptical.com. ABOUT PORTUGAL TELECOM The Portugal Telecom Group is a global telecommunications operator that is a national leader in all of the sectors in which it participates. It is seen as the Portuguese company that has the biggest national and international projection and has a diversified business portfolio where quality and innovation are decisive aspects, alongside the most advanced international companies in this sector. For further information about Portugal Telecom: www.telecom.pt. ABOUT NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS Nokia Siemens Networks is a leading global enabler of communications services. The company provides a complete, well-balanced product portfolio of mobile and fixed network infrastructure solutions and addresses the growing demand for services with 20,000 service professionals worldwide. The combined pro-forma revenues of ¤17.1bn in fiscal year 2006 make Nokia Siemens Networks one of the largest telecommunications infrastructure companies. Nokia Siemens Networks has operations in some 150 countries and is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. It combines Nokia's Networks Business Group and the carrier related businesses of Siemens Communications. www.nokiasiemensnetworks.com. PUBLISHED BY: ADVA AG Optical Networking, Martinsried/Munich and Meiningen, Germany ADVA Optical Networking Inc., Mahwah, New Jersey, USA ADVA Optical Networking Corp., Tokyo, Japan www.advaoptical.com FOR PRESS: Gareth Spence t +1 201 258 8293 (U.S.) t +44 1904 699 358 (Europe) t +81 3 6667 5830 (Asia) public-relations@advaoptical.com FOR INVESTORS: Wolfgang Guessgen t +1 201 258 8300 (U.S.) t +49 89 89 0665 940 (Europe) t +81 3 6667 5830 (Asia) investor-relations@advaoptical.com