Hitt og þetta 21. ágúst 2007

ÅF- Financial targets for the ÅF Group

For further information: Jonas Wiström, President/CEO +46 (0)10-505 11 15 / +46 (0)70-608 12 20 Viktor Svensson, Director, Corporate Information +46 (0)10-505 12 01 / +46 (0)70-657 20 26 The Board of Directors of AB Ångpanneföreningen has issued the following formulation of the Group's overall financial objectives: ÅF is to be the most profitable among the closest comparable companies in the industry and achieve an operating margin (EBIT) of at least 10 percent over a business cycle. ÅF is to be a net debtor. Net debt shall not exceed 40 percent of equity. The earlier formulation for the Group's growth target, which specifies that ÅF is to attain sales of at least SEK 5 billion by 2010, remains unchanged. Corporate Information AB Ångpanneföreningen The ÅF Group is a leader in technical consulting, with expertise founded on more than a century of experience. We offer highly qualified services and solutions for industrial processes, infrastructure projects and the development of products and IT systems. We are also one of the leading names in testing and inspection. Today the ÅF Group has 3,500 employees. Our base is in Europe, but our business and our clients are found all over the world.