Hitt og þetta 20. júní 2006

ÅF keeps track of coils at China Steel, Taiwan

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Lars Larsson, ÅF-Benima +46 (0)8-505 565 10 Viktor Svensson, Executive Vice President Corporate Information +46 (0)8-657 12 01

ÅF-Benima has been awarded a contract for revamping the supervisory system at an automated coil storage yard at China Steel Corporation in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Due to a high quality delivery of the first VAX/VMS based system in 1992 and a long and trustful relationship with China Steel, ÅF-Benima has been entrusted to deliver a new system with up to date hardware and completely built on a Microsoft Windows platform and .NET technology.

An engineering effort of some 6 000 hours will be required to accomplish the new system that will comprise the following major functions:

* Maintaining a coil and storage information database * Transport planning and optimisation * Control, tracking and supervision of coils and high speed cars * Information interchange with IBM host, systems at annealing, galvanizing and inspection lines and numerous PLC:s * Comprehensive reporting

Work has already commenced and will be completed in the very beginning of 2007.

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