Hitt og þetta 4. september 2006

ÅF secures major Russian contract

For further information, please contact:

Eero Auranne, President and CEO, ÅF-Enprima OY +358-(0)403485120 Peter Kling, Vice President Waste, ÅF-Enprima OY +358-(0)403485307 Viktor Svensson, +46-(0)86571201 Executive Vice President, Corporate Information +46(0)706572026

ÅF-Enprima OY, the Finnish subsidiary of ÅF, has acquired a contract for a new waste-to-energy plant in Moscow, Zavod No 1.

The new plant will burn municipal solid waste from the surrounding area, producing electricity for the local grid.

ÅF-Enprima has carried out services for the client, Budapro Ltd, since the summer of 2005, these services including procurement and bid evaluation of main technology.

The new contract includes design reviews, preparation of turnkey contract documents, workshop QA/QC, site management and commissioning as well as performance test management. The contract value for ÅF exceeds 3 M¤.

The project will be executed by the Finnish and Russian staff of ÅF and is expected to run for 36 months.

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