Hitt og þetta 23. janúar 2007

Alfa Attempts to Obstruct Kyivstar Audit

(Kyiv/Oslo, 23 January 2007) A Court ruling in Ukraine Monday continued injunctions preventing Ernst & Young from completing its audit of the 2006 financial statements of Kyivstar. The lawsuit brought by Storm, an affiliate of Alfa/Altimo, claims that Kyivstar lacked Board authority to enter into any agreement with Ernst & Young in relation to the audit. Such approval has not been possible to obtain as Storm for the past two years has boycotted Kyivstar's Board and shareholders meetings, causing such meetings not to be held. A hearing on the merits in Kyiv City Commercial Court was on Monday adjourned before the parties were heard and no new hearing date has been set. "The lawsuit in itself is absurd. Alfa still refuses to participate in Board and shareholder meetings. Now Alfa is launching legal attacks against Kyivstar on the basis of a situation Alfa has itself created. Telenor will definitely not put up with such tactics and we trust the government of Ukraine and the higher courts of Ukraine to intervene to end this outrage. Telenor is confident that Kyivstar's management will take the necessary steps to secure continued auditing of the company," said Executive Vice President and head of Telenor's operations in Central and East Europe, Jan Edvard Thygesen. Further information: Dag Melgaard, Vice President and press spokesman of Telenor ASA, tel +47 901 92 000, email: dag.melgaard@telenor.com