Hitt og þetta 21. apríl 2006

Atorka Group has sold all its shares in Low and Bonar plc

The shares were sold to professional investors. Atorka has enjoyed a good relationship with Low and Bonar and Promens, company owned by Atorka, bought last summer Low and Bonar's plastics division, Bonar Plastics.

Atorka Group will use the proceeds for new investments. Atorka announced last week that the company's holdings in InterBulk had been increased to roughly 23% and as well that Atorka had acquired some 5% of the shares in Amiad Filtration Systems which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Amiad is a leader in the internation market for water filtration equipment and filters for on the one hand industrial and municipalities and on the other for irrigation.

Atorka's cash at hand after the sale amounts to some ISK 8 billion.