Hitt og þetta 28. september 2007

BasWare chosen to deliver a comprehensive procurement solution to the Finnish State Treasu

BASWARE CORP. STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 28, 2007 BasWare Corp. has been chosen to deliver a comprehensive procurement solution to the Finnish State Treasury, to be taken in to use in the entire state administration. BasWare's procurement solutions will be implemented as a so-called Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery. The service covers BasWare's procurement solutions and services related to the implementation as well as continuous services related to system administration and maintenance of electronic product catalogues. In addition, the service also covers services related to the technical platform. The value of the agreement to be signed based on the resolution is over EUR 4.9 million for the first two years, based on the overall price used in the offer comparison. The agreement will include the implementation project as well as the continuous fees based on the amount of users. The solution will have approximately 40 000 end users. "The State Treasury is our most significant public sector customer for our procurement solution. Our solutions streamline public sector procurement processes and also generate cost savings," says Ilkka Sihvo, CEO, BasWare Corp. The BasWare solution will be integrated to the State Treasury's existing invoice processing system. The BasWare solutions now automate the entire purchase to pay process of the state administration, from purchase requisition creation to electronic invoice processing and transfer to payment. For more information, please contact CEO Ilkka Sihvo, BasWare Corp. Tel. +358 9 8791 7251 or +358 40 501 8251 BASWARE CORP. Ilkka Sihvo Distribution Helsinki Stock Exchange Key media www.basware.com