Hitt og þetta 21. apríl 2006


A total of 7 500 shares have been subscribed with BasWare Warrant Program. The share subscriptions were based on the Warrant Program Finland II 2002-2006 (series A 2 500 shares, series B 3 000 shares and series C 2 000 shares). According to the terms of the warrant program, the subscription price per share in the Finland II program was EUR 5.51 for series A, EUR 4.67 for series B and EUR 6.79 for series C. The corresponding share capital increase of EUR 2 250 has been entered in the Finnish Trade Register today, April 21, 2006. After the increase, the share capital of BasWare Corp. is EUR 3 404 482.20 in total. The share capital is divided into 11 348 274 shares, each share carrying a book counter value of EUR 0.30. The new shares will be traded on the Helsinki Stock Exchange together with the old shares starting on April 24, 2006. The new shares provide the shareholders with full shareholder rights.

The BasWare Warrant Program Finland II 2002-2006 is based on the Board of Directors resolution on July 11, 2002, with the authorization of the Annual General Meeting. The terms of the program have been published earlier as stock exchange release. For further information, please contact: CEO Ilkka Sihvo, BasWare Corporation, tel. +358 9 879 171, e-mail: ilkka.sihvo@basware.com BASWARE CORPORATION Ilkka Sihvo Distribution: Helsinki Stock Exchange Principal media