Hitt og þetta 6. september 2006

BICO, Inc. to Appoint MobiClear Chairman and Managing Director

DOVE CANYON, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 06, 2006 -- BICO, Inc. (OTCBB: BICN) announced today that the company has agreed to appoint Mr. Grahame T Sewell as Chairman and Mr. John Clarke as Managing Director of MobiClear Ltd. to drive the international expansion of MobiClear products and services. MobiClear Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of BICO. BICO actively trades on the NASD Over the Counter Bulletin Board under the ticker symbol BICN.

Lim Wong, CEO and President of BICO, Inc., stated, "We are very pleased and enthusiastic. Mr. Sewell and Mr. Clarke each have a strong and proven track record of managing international operations with impressive results as well as creating shareholder value. Setting up MobiClear international operations in London, they will execute our sales strategy through our partners and agents to capture the enormous global potential of MobiClear products and services."

About Grahame T Sewell

Mr. Sewell has over 30 years of international entrepreneurial experience holding a number of roles as Chairman, CEO, CFO and Non-Executive Director. Mr. Sewell has a proven track record of creating results and shareholder value working in senior management positions with Lotus Development Corporation, Reebok International and Alliance UniChem.

Mr. Sewell is the founder and CEO of GTS Ventures, focused on building shareholder value by active involvement in the launch and development of businesses in the health and technology sectors.

About John Clarke

Mr. Clarke has over 30 years' experience in the IT and Telecom sector within different senior management positions. He is an experienced Chairman/CEO, with an in-depth understanding of the information technology and communications markets. Focused on achieving rapid growth, high margins and strong market position, Mr. Clarke is a strong team leader and developer, who believes in leading from the front.

Mr. Clarke is the chairman and founder of Clarke Associates, advising new entrant vendors and business start-ups on achieving high growth and market penetration in a variety of markets.

Mr. Clarke was the managing director of EMC Corporation for UK/Ireland as well as VP Benelux operations and worldwide third-party sales. He was managing director of Nokia Data in UK. He has held several international senior executive positions in the Memorex Telex Corporation including UK managing director.

About MobiClear

MobiClear specializes in electronic Personal Identification Verification (PIV) solutions in connection with credit/debit card transactions. MobiClear's multi-gateway solution (U.S. patent pending) offers proactive security in all forms of electronic business environments including internet shopping, business-to-business procurement transactions and retail shopping with credit/debit cards.

Credit/debit card fraud on the Internet and in stores is increasing at an enormous rate. The estimated figure comes to USD 20 billion annually. And only in the US credit/debit card fraud on the Internet and in stores is estimated to be USD 4 billion.

MobiClear's answer to the problem is a security and user-friendly identity solution that works right across the globe. And in addition MobiClear's identification service ensures safe and secure trade over the Internet, which in turn creates a boom in both e-trade and invoice payment online.

MobiClear, a company incorporated pursuant to the laws of the United Kingdom, offers solutions and services that, MobiClear believes, virtually eliminate credit/debit card and electronic transaction fraud, completely securing these transactions. A unique feature of MobiClear's solutions is that end-users and customers do not need to learn any new behaviors or master new techniques. MobiClear's solutions utilize technologies that customers are already familiar and comfortable with, while giving real-time user control of card transactions. The transaction is simply confirmed by the legitimate user entering a unique MobiClear PIN code matched with the mobile phone number. MobiClear delivers instant and total control over card usage.

For more information: Please write to MobiClear at info@mobiclear.com or visit MobiClear's website at www.mobiclear.com

This news release includes comments that may be deemed forward-looking within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the U.S. Federal Securities Laws. These include, among other things, statements about expectations of future transactions or events, revenues, sales of products and performance. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause the company's results to differ materially from expectations. These risks include the company's ability to complete the transactions, which remains subject to a due diligence review by both parties, obtaining any regulatory approvals, having necessary financing in time to meet contractual obligations, developing appropriate strategic alliances, raising working capital, successfully developing and implementing technology, acceptance of the company's products and services, building a functional infrastructure, and other such risks as the company may identify and discuss from time to time. Accordingly, there is no certainty that the company's plans will be achieved.

For more information: MobiClear info@mobiclear.com www.mobiclear.com