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Blood Systems to implement Gambro BCT 7-day platelets

Blood Systems to implement Gambro BCT 7-day platelets

Blood Systems has announced that it will begin implementing Gambro BCT's 7-day platelets companywide in the next several months, following a successful trial period in four of its blood centers.

Over 15 million people in the communities it serves rely on the life-saving products and services provided by Blood Systems. "We're excited to begin using this new technology in all of our blood centers after witnessing great success in our pilot centers," according to J. Daniel Connor, President and Chief Executive Officer of Blood Systems. "Platelets continue to be in high demand, and having a two-day life extension will certainly help us meet growing patient demands."

In March 2005, the FDA cleared Gambro BCT single-donor platelets for routine storage and patient transfusion up to 7 days following collection, when tested with the bioMérieux BacT/ALERT® Microbial Detection System Release Test.

Platelets collected with Gambro BCT's Trima® Accel(TM) Collection System and COBE Spectra® Apheresis System are the first platelet products cleared for storage and transfusion up to 7 days. Adding two days of useful shelf life will reduce products lost to outdating and improve availability of this critical component.

"We're excited about strengthening our relationship with one of the most established and most respected providers of blood and blood services in the United States," says David Perez, President of Gambro BCT.

About Blood Systems: Blood Systems is based in Scottsdale, Ariz., and is the non-profit parent organization of Blood Centers of the Pacific and United Blood Services. With more than 65 locations, the blood centers serve patients in 500 hospitals in 18 states.

For additional information contact: Barb Kain, Director PR/Communications, Blood Systems, +1 480-675-5664 Anne Bonelli, Gambro U.S. Communications, +1 303-231-4671

For details regarding the Gambro BCT / Baxter collaborative 7-Day Platelet PASSPORT study, contact Becky Lippincott of Gambro BCT at 303-231-4743. Read the complete list of pre-implementation requirements and learn how to get started by visiting the PASSPORT study website at www.passportstudy.com.

Gambro BCT improves lives through innovation, quality and services delivered by our people, products and processes in blood component technology. Gambro BCT is a world leader in automated blood collections, therapeutic apheresis and cell therapy, as well as an innovative leader within automated blood component separation and purification technologies. The business area has approximately 1,800 employees and more than USD $300 million in annual revenues. Gambro BCT is a business area belonging to the Gambro Group

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