Hitt og þetta 7. september 2006

Board Appointments at AIB

Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. ("AIB") [NYSE: AIB] is pleased to announce the appointment to its Board, with immediate effect, of two new Non-Executive Directors, as follows:

Mr. Sean O'Driscoll, Mr. O'Driscoll, aged 49, is Group Chief Executive of Glen Dimplex Group. He is a member of UCC's Foundation Board and was appointed by the Irish Government as a member of the Enterprise Advisory Group established to advise on the implementation of enterprise strategy for Ireland, and the high-level Group overseeing implementation of Ireland's Asia Strategy. In April 2006 he was awarded an Honorary OBE for his contribution to British Industry.

Mr. O'Driscoll is a graduate of University College Cork and is a chartered accountant. He is a former partner in KPMG. He joined Glen Dimplex in 1990 as Group Finance Director; he became its Deputy Chief Executive in 1995 and Group Chief Executive in 1998.

Mr. Bernard Somers, Mr. Somers, aged 57, is a non-executive director of DCC plc, Independent News & Media plc, Irish Continental Group plc, South Wharf plc, and is Chairman of eTel Group, a Central European telecommunications company. He is a former director of the Central Bank of Ireland.

Mr. Somers is a graduate of University College Dublin and is a chartered accountant. He is the founder of Somers & Associates, which has built a substantial practice in corporate restructuring.

Commenting on these appointments, Mr. Dermot Gleeson, Chairman, said:

"We are delighted to welcome to the Board business leaders of the calibre of Sean O'Driscoll and Bernard Somers. I'm sure that their wide and varied experience of business in Ireland and internationally will further strengthen our Board as we build on our successes and pursue sustained growth and development in the years ahead."

The Board also today extended the term of appointment of its Chairman, Dermot Gleeson, to 30 April 2011. Mr. Gleeson joined the Board on 16 May 2000 and assumed the Chairmanship on 14 October 2003. (During its consideration of this matter in the absence of Mr. Gleeson, the Board was chaired by Mr. John B. McGuckian, the Senior Independent Director.)


For further information please contact:

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