Hitt og þetta 13. febrúar 2006

CEO of Ericsson sees IMS as the next step after 3G

Nordic Business Report-February 13, 2006-CEO of Ericsson sees IMS as the next step after 3G
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Carl-Henric Svanberg, CEO of the Swedish telecomms solutions provider Ericsson, expressed on Monday (13 February) his views on the evolution of the telecommunications industry at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. "Most 3G networks will be upgraded with HSDPA in 2006, and 3G is now a mass market in steady growth. IMS and all-IP is the next step to fully leverage the opportunities with mobile broadband. IMS will play an equally important role for the creation of multimedia services as HSDPA plays for the speed in the network," Svanberg said. "WCDMA now serves 50 million subscribers, and that number is growing steadily. It is the obvious choice for 3G," the CEO added. Svanberg underlined that HSDPA marks a significant milestone in the industry.

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