Hitt og þetta 8. september 2006

Chairman of the Board of Supervisory Directors of DPA Flex stands down as supervisory dire

Dr J.M. Schröder resigns his position as member of the Board of Supervisory Directors of DPA Flex Group N.V. (hereinafter: DPA Flex) with immediate effect.

Supervisory directors Dr A.G. de Roever and Drs E.J. Blaauboer will remain in office. Mr De Roever will act as chairman on an interim basis, until motions on the subject can be submitted to the next general meeting of shareholders.

The Board of Supervisory Directors consider the filling of the arisen vacancy, aiming to present a new nomination at the next general meeting of shareholders.

The Board of Supervisory Directors of DPA Flex would like to emphasize that they express full confidence in the board of directors and their policy.

Peter Smit, CEO of DPA Flex: 'This is a regrettable development, although I fully respect his decision. His resignation means that we lose a very valuable chairman of the Board of Supervisory Directors, who has been of great importance to the development of the organization. We are very grateful to him for his commitment and dedication, and for the work he has done in the past years. Rob de Laat and I have great confidence in the supervisory directors who are staying on, and also face the future with confidence.'


DPA Flex is a multidisciplinary service provider, providing comprehensive solutions for staff flexibility. DPA Flex is a fast growing company with approx. 1,000 interim professionals, active on a secondment basis with reputable companies and institutions.

DPA Flex has a leading position in the secondment market of interim professionals in Finance and ICT and is strongly present within the disciplines of HRM, Legal, Supply Chain and Management & Strategy.

DPA Flex Group N.V. is listed on Euronext Next Prime.

For further information, please refer to www.dpaflex.com

Note to the editors (not designed for publication):

For more information: Peter Smit, CEO 020-5151555 / 06-53535421

Marc Zuidhof, Director of Finance 020-5151555 / 06-46412000

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