Hitt og þetta 18. apríl 2006

Citycon's share capital increase based on stock options 1999

The per-share subscription price of the shares subscribed with the option rights was EUR 1.35. Each share entitles to one vote. The new shares entitle their holders to a dividend for the financial year 2006. Other shareholder entitlements became effective today.

After the increase, the registered share capital of Citycon Oyj amounts to EUR 185,886,492.30 and the total number of shares to 137,693,698.

The unexercised stock options related to Citycon's stock option plan 1999 entitle their holders to subscribe for 3,230,578 new shares, corresponding to a further share capital increase of EUR 4,361,280.30. The share subscription period will expire on 30 September 2007.