Hitt og þetta 30. apríl 2007

Clavis Pharma ASA - Invitation to Capital Markets Day 2007

Clavis Pharma ASA invites you to attend the company's 2007 Capital Markets Day, on 22 May 2007 from 08:30 until 12:00 CET, followed by lunch. The event takes place at Grand Hotel, Oslo, Norway. All of Clavis Pharma's management will be present. For registration please send an email to gunnar.manum@clavispharma.com Gunnar Manum Chief Financial Officer Clavis Pharma ASA Tlf: +47 24 11 09 50 About Clavis Pharma Clavis Pharma ASA is a public oncology focused pharmaceutical company leveraging its proprietary Lipid Vector Technology (LVT) platform to create New Chemical Entities (NCEs) by significantly improving approved drugs. The improvement is achieved by chemically binding specific unsaturated lipids to existing, and well understood, approved pharmaceuticals. Data generated suggests the resulting patentable NCEs offer improved efficacy and reduced side effects through enhanced pharmacokinetic properties, greater tissue penetration and, in many cases, additional modes of action. Clavis Pharma intends to develop its drug candidates until significant value has been created and proof of principle in man has been shown. For further clinical development and commercialisation of the products, Clavis Pharma will enter strategic partnerships with established pharmaceutical or biotech companies. The company's product portfolio includes three new cancer drugs, of which the first ELACYT(TM) , is in clinical phase II, the second, CP-4126, is in clinical phase I, and the third is in the pre-clinical phase. Results indicate that ELACYT(TM) has a promising potential for several cancer indications within solid tumours and leukaemia. Clavis Pharma ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker: CLAVIS). Additional information on Clavis Pharma can be found at: www.clavispharma.com