Hitt og þetta 4. september 2006

Consolis Group chooses Tekla Structures as its design tool

Tekla Corporation Press Release 4.9.2006 at 11:00 a.m.

Consolis, the largest manufacturer of structural precast concrete elements in Europe, has signed a framework agreement with Tekla Corporation on the purchase of Tekla Structures licenses. The agreement is a strategic choice for the Consolis Group, as Tekla Structures will become a central design tool in the company. At the same time, Consolis will take a major leap towards 3D modeling. Tekla Structures will be adopted at Consolis' units in Scandinavia and after that in the Baltic States and elsewhere in Europe.

- The concrete industry is rapidly moving towards 3D modeling. Through modeling the industry will be able to catch up with competing building materials. Tekla Structures is a central tool for us. Our competitiveness will increase with the use of the software, as design becomes faster and more efficient. The use of 3D modeling decreases the number of detailing errors, and alternative plans can easily be printed from the model at any time. The model created with Tekla Structures also makes it easier to sketch out the most complicated objects, and it is even possible to predict errors at the site, assures Olli Korander, Managing Director of Consolis Technology.

- Before the agreement was concluded there was a lengthy evaluation period, as the Consolis Group studied our product thoroughly and compared it with other software products on the market. In the end, Tekla Structures proved to be the best solution for their demands, comments Risto Räty, Executive Vice President of Tekla Corporation.

- The choice made by the Consolis Group is solid proof of Tekla Structures establishing its position in precast concrete engineering as well. We are delighted to include a major European concrete group in our customer references, says Räty.

For additional information, please contact Risto Räty, Director, Tekla Building & Construction, Tel. +358 40 5444 470 Olli Korander, Consolis Technology Oy Ab, Managing Director, Tel. + 358 40 5585 605

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Tekla Structures is a fully integrated 3D solution that enables the perfect creation and management of three-dimensional building models of any size, regardless of material or structural complexity. The Tekla Structures solution covers the entire structural design process, from conceptual design to detailing, fabrication and erection.

The exceptionally smooth collaboration and information management applications are based on Tekla's world leading solution for Structural Building Information Modeling. The same model can be utilized for producing analysis & design results, drawings and reports. Hence, steel, concrete and structural design professionals can work with the same shared, always up-to-date model throughout every stage of a building project. Tekla Structures minimizes overlapping work phases and errors, which translates into shorter project lead times, significant cost savings and better building quality - thus providing even more of a competitive future for the entire structural design industry.

Tekla Corporation is the industry-leading international software company whose innovative software solutions make customers' core business more effective in building and construction, energy distribution and in municipalities. The company's model-based software products and related services are used in nearly 80 countries.

Tekla Group's net sales for 2005 were approximately 38 million euros. International operations account for 75% of net sales. Tekla Group employs more than 300 people, of whom a third work outside Finland. This year is Tekla's 40th anniversary, making it one of the oldest software companies in Finland. For additional information on Tekla, please visit www.tekla.com

Consolis is Europe's leading manufacturer of structural precast concrete elements, offering overall solutions for building and infrastructure projects. The Group has more than 100 plants in 20 countries. Consolis' net sales total more than a billion euros, and the company has 8,000 employees. www.consolis.com