Hitt og þetta 2. mars 2006

Danish pilots consider taking SAS to court

Airline Industry Information-March 2, 2006-Danish pilots consider taking SAS to court
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SAS, the Scandinavian airline, could be taken to court by its Danish pilots. The pilots have said that they would consider taking the airline to court if it decides to impose contract changes. The airline has claimed that the changes would make it more efficient, while the pilots say it would make their employment terms worse. SAS said previously that it would go ahead with the plans on 1 March after talks broke down in February. Mogens Holgaard, the chairman of the pilots union in Denmark, claimed that it would be a "hostile act" to move pilots to national contracts rather than group contracts, and the union would take legal action against such a move, Reuters reported. The union however said that it does not plan to strike.

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