Hitt og þetta 31. júlí 2007

Deco creates groundbreaking under water images for Umbro

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - July 31, 2007) - Barcelona and Portugal playmaker Deco created some of the most striking football imagery ever produced when he recently took part in a photo shoot for Umbro with specialist underwater photographer Zena Holloway. Deco was flown to London, where he spent two hours showing off his best moves at the Pinewood Studios Underwater Stage usually reserved for big silver screen productions such as James Bond. The idea to shoot Deco underwater was based on the fact that the new Umbro Ultra SX boots, which he will be wearing in next season's Champion League, the first Umbro boots to feature new Outdry technology - letting the player's feet breathe whilst creating a barrier against water entering the boot. The finished result is quite simply stunning - the water allowing movement and lighting that simply could not be created on ground (images attached separately). Deco Shoot - behind the scenes: http://www.ccnmatthews.com/docs/deco1.jpg http://www.ccnmatthews.com/docs/deco2.jpg http://www.ccnmatthews.com/docs/deco3.jpg http://www.ccnmatthews.com/docs/deco4.jpg http://www.ccnmatthews.com/docs/deco5.jpg http://www.ccnmatthews.com/docs/deco6.jpg Editors Note: A photo for this release will be available on the EPA picture wire via Marketwire. Facts and figures: - 1,200,000 litres of water were used in Europe's first specialist underwater filming stage which was cleaned especially prior to Deco's arrival - The tank is 6 metres deep and 20 metres long and has been used for many of the water scenes in the famous James Bond series - The water was heated to the temperature of a bath to make sure that Deco did not suffer from the cold - 4 trained safety divers were on hand in case Deco got into any trouble underwater - The ball used in the shoot was filled with jelly to maintain neutral buoyancy making sure it didn't sink or rise to the top - Deco used an eye bath full of milk to stop his eyes stinging after 2 hours in the water - Between each shot he returned to the surface to get a breather and get instructions about the next photo to be taken - Over 50,000 watts of lighting was used, the same amount used on underwater blockbusters such as Titanic and The Abyss. - One member of staff had the crucial roll of sitting on the side of the pool for the whole shoot bobbing a float up and down to create the waves! Zena Holloway is one of the countries leading underwater photographers and has a deep understanding of her medium as she has been diving since childhood. She delivers remarkable images, combining highly technical aspects of underwater photography with superb creative direction, more information can be found at www.zenaholloway.com. Contacts: Jonny Fozard 020 7907 7269 jonny@exposure.net Jack Lamacraft 020 7907 7267 jack@exposure.net