Hitt og þetta 19. apríl 2006


TDC A/S late yesterday from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") received an order granting the application of TDC to withdraw its American Depository Shares ("ADSs") and its ordinary shares from listing and registration on the New York Stock Exchange with effect at the opening of business on April 19, 2006. With regard to the application by TDC reference is made to TDC's stock exchange announcement no. 16 of March 3, 2006.

TDC had in its application referred to a.o. the decrease of the number of holders of ADS in the U.S. and of the trading of the ADS on New York Stock Exchange in connection with the completion of the tender offer for all securities by Nordic Telephone Company APS ("NTC") by the end of January 2006.

Following TDC's filing of the application on March 13, 2006 the SEC on March 23, published in the Federal Register a notice of the application requesting comments no later than on April 12. No comments were received by the end of the commenting period.

The SEC states that the basis for the granting of the application is a consideration of the facts stated in the application and with due regard for the public interest and protection of investors.

For further information please contact TDC Investor Relations at +45 3343 7680.