Hitt og þetta 2. febrúar 2006

DJ EIB Adds ISK5B To 7% Oct 2008 Bond At 98.775

LONDON (Dow Jones)--The European Investment Bank has added 5 billion Icelandic kronur ($80 million) to its 7% bonds due October 2008, with the following terms, lead manager TD Securities said Thursday:

Amount: ISK5 billion
New Total: ISK23 billion
Maturity: Oct. 6, 2008
Coupon: 7%
Issue Price: 98.775
Payment Date: Feb. 17, 2006
Fees: 1.375% (total)
0.1875% (management and underwriting)
1.1875% (selling)
Debt Ratings: Aaa (Moody's)
AAA (Standard & Poor's)
AAA (Fitch)

The bonds are being sold under the borrower's Euro medium-term-note program.