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DJ Iran Warns Will React Accordingly To UN Council Measures

TEHRAN (AP)--Iran warned Sunday it wouldn't take U.N. actions against it lying down and it would not give up its research-scale enrichment of uranium.

Tehran reiterated its determination to continue its nuclear program after the White House Saturday rejected Iran's offer to allow snap inspections of its nuclear facilities if the U.N. nuclear monitor resumes its lead role managing Iran's dispute with the international community.

Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, reported Friday to the U.N. Security Council that Iran defied the council's deadline to suspend uranium enrichment-related activities.

His report paves the way for the council to take punitive measures against Iran. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said Iran wanted to solve its dispute with the international community through diplomacy but said Tehran would not give in to pressure.

"We insist that we are willing to resolve (our nuclear) dossier through dialogue...but Iran won't hold talks and won't surrender under threats and pressures," Asefi told reporters Sunday.

"Our reactions are totally compatible with the actions of the other parties. Against radical actions, Iran will react accordingly. If the U.N. Security Council makes decisions, the Islamic Republic of Iran will define and arrange its cooperation with the agency compatible with that," he said.

By Security Council "radical actions," Asefi was referring to sanctions. He didn't say what Iran considered to be an appropriate reaction to such a measure.

But Asefi did reiterate Iran's offer announced Friday to allow intrusive inspections in exchange for returning the lead role in managing the crisis to the IAEA.

"From the day it's decided that the (nuclear) dossier is returned to the IAEA, we will, within a period of three weeks, present a timetable for cooperation with the agency to resolve remaining issues," the spokesman told a press conference.

Asefi didn't comment on the U.S. rejection of its proposal.

Iran barred snap inspections of its nuclear facilities in February after it was referred to the U.N. Security Council over its nuclear activities that several Western countries suspect are aimed at producing nuclear warheads.

Tehran denies the accusations.

Iran's "statement does not change our position that the Iranian government must give up its nuclear ambitions, nor does it affect our decision to move forward to the United Nations Security Council," White House spokesman Blaine Rethmeier said Saturday.

The foreign ministers of the Security Council's five permanent members plus Germany are scheduled to meet at U.N. headquarters in New York on May 9 to discuss the next step.

Asefi reiterated Iran's position that it won't give up its research-scale enrichment of uranium.

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