Hitt og þetta 25. apríl 2006

DJ Iran Willing To Transfer Nuclear Tech To Neighbors-Leader

TEHRAN (AP)--Iran's top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said Tuesday during a meeting with the president of Sudan that Iran is ready to transfer its nuclear technology to neighboring countries.

Khamenei made the comments in a meeting with visiting Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who said last month that his impoverished, wartorn country was considering trying to create a nuclear program to generate electrical power.

"Iran's nuclear capability is one example of various scientific capabilities in the country...the Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared to transfer the experience, knowledge and technology of its scientists," Khamenei told al-Bashir during their meeting.

Al-Bashir congratulated Iran for its success in producing enriched uranium for the first time, saying the achievement was a "great success for the world of Islam."
Such a transfer would be legal as long as it is between signatory-states to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and as long as the IAEA that monitors the treaty was informed of the transfer.

Al-Bashir is the first foreign head of state to visit Iran since the country announced April 11 that it had for the first time enriched uranium with 164 centrifuges.

"Iran's capability and progress is, in fact, an increase in the power of the Islamic world," the state-run television quoted al-Bashir as saying.

Al-Bashir said last month that his government believes its energy resources will not cover an expected increase in needs for electrical power in the next 25 years in the Arab-African country.