Hitt og þetta 18. apríl 2006

DJ MARKET TALK: Iceland Financial Shares Trade Down

[Dow Jones] Iceland financials trade lower, mainly following a fall in the krona and negative market sentiment, an analyst says. "The drop is quite severe. It may be the reports (Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays published research notes on Icelandic banks) before the holidays that is affecting the market, but there has been no real news."

Landsbanki (LAIS.IC) trades -4.3% at ISK22.50, Kaupthing (KAUP.IC) -1.7% at ISK757, Glitnir (GLB.IC) -1.8% at ISK16.70, Straumur-Burdaras (STRB.IC) -0.6% at ISK16.70 and FL Group (FL.IC) -2.9% at ISK20.20. (LON)