Hitt og þetta 4. september 2006

Fortis acquires 4 Faktor Sp.zo.o, a factoring company in Poland

Founded in 2004, 4 Faktor Sp.zo.o is an independent factoring company specialised in servicing small companies in the manufacturing, trade and construction sectors. The company employs 11 FTEs and is based in Warsaw, with three additional sales offices in Poznan, Gdynia and Bialystok. Karel De Boeck, CEO of Fortis Commercial & Private Banking, comments: 'Fortis Commercial Finance (FCF) - number 5 in Europe and present in 15 countries - wants to expand its European footprint by opening new FCF companies in new countries. The Polish factoring market is undergoing dynamic growth coupled with international expansion. The development of factoring activities in Poland fits in perfectly with our strategy to grow throughout Europe. The acquisition of 4 Faktor will us give a jump start in the Polish market.' 'The substantial growth potential of the Polish factoring market combined with the planned development of cross-border trade with the rest of Europe fully justifies our decision to join Fortis, which is deeply rooted in the European economy. Becoming part of the extensive network of Fortis Commercial Finance will undoubtedly give us tremendous development opportunities, which will in turn be highly beneficial to our customers,' commented Grzegorz Gebler and Krzysztof Piskorski, Managers of 4 Faktor. The acquisition will have no material impact on Fortis's solvency or net earnings per share. Fortis is an international provider of banking and insurance services to personal, business and institutional customers. The company delivers a total package of financial products and services through its own high-performance channels via intermediaries and other partners. Fortis ranks among Europe's top 20 financial institutions, with a market capitalisation of EUR 39.5 billion (31/08/2006). With excellent solvency, a presence in 50 countries and a dedicated, professional workforce of 58,000 Fortis combines global strength with local flexibility to provide its clients with optimum support. More information is available at www.fortis.com. Fortis Commercial Finance (FCF), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortis, is a cross-border oriented asset-based service provider connected to the major international factoring network Factors Chain International. It employs around 700 people. More information is available at www.fortiscomfin.com. Fortis in Poland Fortis is present in Poland mainly through Fortis Bank Polska SA. Fortis Bank Polska SA provides services to national and international enterprises and individuals. Shares of the bank are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The bank has 42 locations in the biggest cities of Poland and has over 1,200 employees. The strategic shareholder of Fortis Bank Polska is Belgian Fortis Bank which owns 99.10 % of the shares. More information is available on www.fortisbank.com.pl. Fortis is also present in Poland through Fortis Lease Polka, and Fortis Private Investments Polska. 4 Faktor Sp.zo.o specialises in services for the factoring market. Founded by individuals previously employed by Forin Sp.zo.o, one of Poland's largest factoring companies, 4 Faktor Sp.zo.o specialises in advisory services in the field of factoring and in the sale of factoring products.

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