Hitt og þetta 23. júlí 2007

Geveko AB: Interim report January - June 2007

Highlights * The consolidated result after tax for the January-June period was a profit of SKr 21.7 million (loss 9.1). The result for Q2 2007 was a profit of SKr 46.9 (loss 23.4). * Earnings per share for the January-June period amounted to SKr 5.10 (loss 1.05). Earnings per share for the second quarter of 2007 amounted to SKr 10.75 (loss 4.70). * The result of Management of Securities was a profit of SKr 42.1 million (23.8), of which changes in value accounted for SKr 31.1 million (13.7). The result for Q2 2007 was a profit of SKr 18.6 million (loss 34.3). * Industrial Operations' turnover amounted to SKr 436.5 million (388.6). Turnover in Q2 2007 amounted to SKr 346.1 million (310.8). * Industrial Operations' operating result, which tends to be weak during the first half-year owing to seasonal factors, was a loss of SKr 5.2 million (loss 28.8). The operating profit for Q2 2007 amounted to SKr 47.3 million (27.5). * Industrial Operations' operating profit for 2007 as a whole is expected to be better than in 2006, when it was SKr 38.6 million. * The return on Geveko's Series "B" shares for the January-June 2007 period, including dividends paid and redemption of shares, was 32%. The SIX Return Index rose by 13% during the same period. * During the first half of 2007, by way of dividend and redemption of shares, SKr 86 per share was repaid to Geveko's shareholders. After the end of the period At the beginning of July two Polish road marking companies - Technom and GIK - with an aggregate turnover of some SKr 46 million in 2006, were acquired. The companies will be integrated with Cleanosol's business in Poland. Forthcoming information, 2007-2008 Interim report, January-September 26 October 2007 Year-end release 2007 25 February 2008 Annual Report 2007 April 2008 Interim Report, January-March 2008 24 April 2008 Annual General Meeting 2008 24 April 2008 AB GEVEKO (publ) co. reg. no.: 556024-6844 Box 2137, S-403 13 Göteborg, Sweden. +46 31 172945 info@geveko.se www.geveko.se The full report with tables can be downloaded from the following link: