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Global HR Solutions Explored at HR-XML Summit, Oct. 25-26, Barcelona, Spain

RALEIGH, NC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 12, 2006 -- Are you looking for cutting-edge recruitment and human resources management solutions that can be implemented globally? If so, plan to attend the HR-XML Consortium's Oct. 25-26 Global Summit in Barcelona, Spain, to gain insights on how HR-XML's interoperability standards are shaping the future of HR solutions.

The meeting will be held at the Hotel Catalonia Duques de Bergara, located in the heart of Barcelona. A variety of lodging choices to accommodate a range of budgets and preferences is available in the vicinity of the conference hotel. To learn more about the meeting, visit: http://www.hr-xml.org/meetings/barcelona/. Highlights of the meeting, which is open to members and non-members, are described below:

HR-XML in the Web 2.0-Era: Syndication, Search Engines, and Professional Networking, Paul Forster, CEO, Indeed.com Paul Forster, CEO and co-founder of Indeed.com, an innovative search engine for jobs, will discuss changing models for Internet job search and how new standards, such as RSS extensions for recruiting, may be important targets for HR-XML standardization.

Credential Verification Goes Global, Terry Corley, Global Screening Solutions, Inc.

Increasing labor mobility in Europe and throughout the world has brought additional attention to the issue of credential fraud. In this session, Terry Corley, Global Screening Solutions, Inc., will examine how enterprises might protect themselves against employee and candidate fraud without running afoul of a complex web of data privacy protections in Europe, North America, and beyond.

Global Staffing Trends: Global Vendor Management Services, Gail Bubsey, eCommerce Systems Consultant, Kelly Services, Inc. and Mikael Lindmark, VP, Fieldglass, EMEA

A model for staffing services called Vendor Management Services is starting to take hold in Europe. Mikael Lindmark, of Fieldglass, will describe the benefits that a tool such as Fieldglass brings to the delivery of a VMS program. Gail Bubsey, of Kelly Services, will discuss where VMS falls within the overall HR-MXL SIDES framework and the plans and challenges for its implementation on a global basis.

Protection of Applicant Data, Rechtsanwalt Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast, Schalast & Partner Rechtsanwälte

Rechtsanwalt Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast will examine the legal framework for data protection within Europe and internationally. Prof. Schalast will review requirements under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and the European Directive on Data Protection. He will discuss differences in requirements among European countries and issues surrounding the transfer of data between European and non-European countries.

How to Register

Members and non-members should register today to guarantee their spot at the Barcelona meeting. The fee for non-members, associate members, and members of HR-XML's European Chapter is $265 USD. Visit http://www.hr-xml.org/meetings/barcelona/ for complete information.

About HR-XML

HR-XML (http://www.hr-xml.org/) develops global HR interoperability standards enabling time- and cost-effective integration of business applications. HR-XML is represented in Europe through its affiliate organization, HR-XML Consortium Europe (http://eu.hr-xml.org), and in Japan by HR-XML Consortium Japan (http://www.hr-xml-jp.org). For information on becoming an HR-XML member, please visit: http://www.hr-xml.org/forms/join/.

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