Hitt og þetta 24. apríl 2006

H. Lundbeck A/S held its Annual General Meeting on 24 April 2006 at SAS Radisson Falconer

The general meeting approved the dividend of 30 per cent of the year's profit corresponding to DKK 2.10 per share of a nominal amount of DKK 5 proposed by the Supervisory Board.

Flemming Lindeløv, Thorleif Krarup, Lars Bruhn, Peter Kürstein, Mats Pettersson and Jes Østergaard were all re-elected to the Supervisory Board. Immediately after the general meeting the Supervisory Board elected Flemming Lindeløv Chairman and Thorleif Krarup Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

After having elected its Chairman and Deputy Chairman, the Supervisory Board appointed members for the Audit Committee and the Compensation Committee.

Peter Kürstein, Flemming Lindeløv and Thorleif Krarup were re-elected members of the Audit Committee. Flemming Lindeløv, Mats Pettersson and Jes Østergaard were re-elected members of the Compensation Committee.

In March and April 2006, election was held of employee representatives to the Supervisory Board of H. Lundbeck A/S among the employees of H. Lundbeck A/S and its Danish subsidiaries. Birgit Bundgaard Rosenmeier was re-elected and William Patrick Watson and Kim Rosenville Christensen were elected as new employee representatives. The employee representatives will join the Supervisory Board immediately after the holding of the annual general meeting.

The Supervisory Board of H. Lundbeck A/S will hereafter comprise:

- Flemming Lindeløv (Chairman) - Thorleif Krarup (Vice-Chairman) - Lars Bruhn - Kim Rosenville Christensen - Peter Kürstein - Mats Pettersson - Birgit Bundgaard Rosenmeier - William Patrick Watson - Jes Østergaard

Deloitte Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab and Grant Thornton Statsautoriseret Revisionsaktieselskab were re-elected auditors for the Company.

The Supervisory Board's proposed resolutions under item 6 of the agenda were adopted. Consequently, a resolution was adopted to reduce the share capital of the Company by reducing the Company's holding of own shares acquired from shareholders of the Company as part of the implementation of share buyback programmes. The Supervisory Board was further authorised to arrange for the acquisition of own shares by the Company pursuant to section 48 of the Danish Companies Act. Finally, the chairman of the general meeting was authorised to make such changes in and supplements to the resolutions adopted by the general meeting and the notification to the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency as may be requested by the Commerce and Companies Agency in connection with its registration of the amendments made.

No other business was transacted at the general meeting.

The Supervisory Board

The content of this release will have no influence on the Lundbeck Group's financial result for 2006.

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