Hitt og þetta 19. apríl 2006

(IFN) Dagsbrun secures 77% of Wyndeham shares, extends offer

London (IFN) Icelandic media group Dagsbrun said on Wednesday that its acquisition vehicle Daybreak Acquisitions had secured acceptences for 77.07% of the shares in UK printing firm Wyndeham Press Group.

Daybreak Acquisitions agreed to acquire London-listed Wyndeham Press Group last month in a deal worth GBP80.6 million.

A valid acceptance of the offer had not been received by 1200 GMT on Tuesday in respect of 322,702 Wyndeham shares, out of the 1,282,663 held by Edward R. Heron, which are the subject of an irrevocable undertaking.

The offer, which remains subject to the terms and conditions set out in the offer document, is being extended for 14 days until 1200 GMT on May 2.


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