Hitt og þetta 28. júlí 2006

(IFN) Icelands trade deficit reaches record highs in June

Reykjavik (IFN) Iceland's trade deficit reached a record high in June and has never been higher for a single month, Statistics Iceland said on Friday.

The value of exported goods from Iceland amounted to ISK114.3 million fob and the value of imported goods amounted to ISK181.2 million fob (ISK196.5 million cif) in first six months of 2006, the agency said.

The trade deficit, calculated on fob value, amounted to ISK66.8 million in the period as compared with a trade deficit of ISK37.4 million in the first six months of 2005, at fixed rates of exchange.

The total value of exports of goods in the first half 2006 was ISK5.3 million, or 4.9% higher at constant rates of exchange than the same period the year before, Statistics Iceland said.

The total value of imports of goods in the first six months of2006 showed an increase of ISK34.7 million fob, which is an incease of 23.7% higher than in the same period last year, at fixed rates of exchange.


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