Hitt og þetta 24. ágúst 2006

Imtech invests in innovative starters

Dutch Technology Fund ends first in tender organised by Ministry of Economic Affairs

Gouda, the Netherlands, 24 August 2006 - Dutch Technology Fund (DTF), in which Imtech N.V. (technical service provider in Europe) participates with CSM and other investors, came top in a tender organised by TechnoPartner. Imtech will participate with a maximum amount of 2 million euro. TechnoPartner is part of SenterNovem, a specialised agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs. The ministry has made available to DTF a risk-bearing credit of up to 4 million euro. DTF will use the money to invest in innovative start-up technology companies in the food, energy and waste sectors.

Dr. René van der Bruggen, Chairman of Imtech's Board of Management: 'As a leading technology group we consider it very important to team up with the public sector and other corporate investors to give start-up companies an opportunity to develop. Dutch Technology Fund, an initiative of Icos Capital, focuses on some of the sectors in which Imtech operates, i.e. food, energy and waste. These are sectors of great significance to society and within them there are numerous issues that need to be addressed. Technology can make an important contribution to solving these issues. Imtech is taking part in this fund because it enables us to expand our network and keep abreast of technological innovation, which often comes from small, high-quality knowledge-driven companies. Our participation is based on a strategic interest'.

'The next IT' In recent years the investment climate for young start-up companies has been far from ideal, despite the high levels of research and development in the Netherlands. Food, energy and waste are sectors that offer ample opportunities to companies that want to use innovative technologies to tackle issues in these fields. Environmental technology is widely regarded as 'the next IT'. DTF focuses specifically on companies of this kind.

Select target group Technology experts, companies and researchers work closely with each other in DTF to develop highly promising technologies. The fund's target group consists of start-up companies less than five years old established in the Netherlands. Selected companies can count on receiving investments ranging from a few hundred thousand euro to several million euro. The total size of DTF can be expected to range between 10 to 15 million euro.

Twin benefits of participation Imtech benefits doubly from participating in DTF. Firstly, Imtech regularly comes into contact with technology companies that are attractive but do not fit in with its acquisition strategy. However, these companies may very well be potential candidates for DTF. Secondly, through DTF, Imtech meets companies which have technology that Imtech can apply and which supply Imtech with innovative products for its customers. Further information Mark Salomons Company Secretary Telephone: +31 182 54 35 14 E-mail: mark.salomons@imtech.nl www.imtech.nl

Profile Imtech N.V. is a European technical service provider in the field of electrical engineering, ICT and mechanical engineering. With more than 15,000 employees, Imtech realizes annual revenues of approximately 2,5 billion euro. Imtech holds strong positions in the buildings, industry, marine, infrastructure and telecoms markets in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK and is also active in Eastern Europe. Imtech shares are listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange (Amsterdam), where Imtech is included in the Amsterdam SmallCap Index (AScX) and the Next 150 index.