Hitt og þetta 10. apríl 2006

IP.com Launches a Powerful Web Service, Patent Debate, to Enable the Public to Comment on

BUFFALO, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/10/2006 -- IP.com, the world's leading repository for defensive publications and one of the most important prior art search destinations for worldwide patent examiners, today announced the availability of its U.S. patent application discussion service -- Patent Debate (www.PatentDebate.com).

Since 2000, IP.com has been pioneering the battle against overly broad patents. Every day the world's most innovative companies publish their non-patented technology in the IP.com Prior Art Database. These disclosures are then freely searched by patent examiners from around the world to prevent overly broad patents from issuing.

IP.com has now created this powerful intellectual property tool to take this fight to the next level. Now, anyone who is interested in the outcome of a particular patent application can publicly voice their objection. The IP.com Patent Debate allows users to FREELY search, view, and post commentary on any pending U.S. patent application. This service is instrumental in enabling individual voices to be heard and to help make a difference in determining which patents are issued.

"We're excited about the tremendous potential of Patent Debate," said Thomas Colson, CEO of IP.com. "It's all about FREEDOM! And people should vigorously protect their freedom to use innovation. Our new 'Patent Debate' gives any Internet user the facility to provide the public with their insight and prior art references related to pending patent applications. This continues our mission to eradicate overly broad patents from the planet."

With IP.com's direct feed from the USPTO, the latest published U.S. patent applications are updated weekly. Additionally, users can bookmark topics of interest and subscribe to RSS feeds for automatic notification of new content and commentary.

IP.com's Patent Debate enables users to: -- Provide evidence that the claims of a patent application are overly broad -- Subscribe to topics of interest -- Track and influence the fate of pending patents with meaningful comments and prior art references -- Use multiple search techniques to access current applications -- Rate valuable commentary

About IP.com

IP.com offers solutions to help companies effectively manage their flow of innovation. Many of the world's most innovative companies use IP.com's services to support their patenting strategies. With products ranging from prior art publishing and searching to the legal safeguarding and collaboration of innovation records, IP.com offers scaleable services to fit the needs of any organization.