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Kemira expands its water treatment chemicals business in Scandinavia

Kemira has signed an agreement to acquire four wholly owned subsidiaries of Parcon A/S: Gropa A/S, Roma A/S, Scantank A/S and SPS A/S. Parcon A/S is a Danish company established in 1980.The revenue of the acquired companies totaled to EUR 21 million in 2005 with 37 people employed. The agreement is subject to the approval of the competition authorities.

The acquired Parcon companies have a strong sales and distribution network in Denmark, offering process chemicals and services mainly for water treatment and surface cleaning applications to a large number of industrial customers, retailers and households. Main products include caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, hypochlorite, ferric chloride, water glass and ethanol/methanol with a total volume of 80.000 tons in 2005 imported and distributed through strategically located sea terminals and processing lines for small packaging and specialty formulations.

By combining the assets and position of the Parcon companies with Kemira's leading expertise in water treatment and wide range of base and specialty chemicals, the acquisition provides strong synergies to further broaden offerings to industrial and municipal customers and to improve supply chain cost efficiency in Denmark and Southern Scandinavia.

Kemira is the world's leading supplier of inorganic precipitation chemicals. The company offers water treatment and sludge treatment solutions to municipal and private water treatment plants and to industry. Kemira announced earlier in July the acquisition of the water treatment business of the American company Cytec. Provided that the aforementioned acquisitions can be completed, the revenue for Kemira's water treatment chemicals business will rise to about EUR 670 million and the number of staff to just short of 2,000. Kemira has water treatment chemicals business in over 30 countries.

For more information, please contact: Kemira Oyj President Mats Jungar, Kemira Kemwater Business Area Tel. +358 10 862 1028, mobile +358 40 707 4943

Jan Nobel, Senior Vice President, SBU North Europe Tel. +46 (0) 42 17 11 17, GSM +46 (0) 737 19 11 17


Kemira is a chemicals company operating in four fields: Pulp and Paper Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Performance Chemicals, and Paint & Coatings. Kemira is the world leader in all its business areas, a company with a unique competitive position in these fields, and possessing major mutual synergy. In 2005, Kemira had a turnover of approx. EUR 2 billion and a staff of 8,000. Kemira is present on all of the continents and in 40 countries.

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