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Kesko starts a new K-trainee programme to seek future leaders


Kesko is launching 'K-trainee', a joint recruitment and training programme of the K-Group. Approximately 20 recent graduates will be recruited annually to the programme to be trained for various managerial and specialist positions in the trading sector. The application period for the first K-trainee programme has started.

"The operating environment in the trading sector is changing and globalising. Duties and assignments are increasingly demanding, and we have a distinct need for new, highly skilled people," says Matti Halmesmäki, Kesko's President and CEO. "We are looking for recently graduated, curious, active and courageous people, to whom we will offer an opportunity to grow into the key jobs in the trading sector."

About 20 people will be recruited to the K-trainee programme in October-November. The primary target group is those with a degree from a university or other institution of higher education, newly graduated or with some work experience. The programme will provide those admitted with a good basis to proceed to managerial jobs in the trading sector, including international careers.

An essential part of the one-year programme is training in a retail store, the purpose of which is to provide the participants with practical introduction to the work at the store. The K-trainee programme also includes a comprehensive managerial training at the K-instituutti, the K-Group's own training centre. Those admitted to the programme will also participate in various duty- and chain-specific trainings.

The K-Group's chains have previously provided their own trainee programmes. The new K-trainee programme combines the resources and replaces chain-specific training programmes. In addition to the K-trainee programme, Kesko also offers K-retailer trainee programmes for future entrepreneurs. The K-retailer trainee programme, which has approximately 100 participants annually, has been run in the present form since 1998, and has become a foundation of the retailer reserves.

The K-Group, that is Kesko and K-stores, has approximately 50,000 employees in all. The Kesko Group has 27,000 employees, of whom 15,000 in Finland and 12,000 in other countries. The K-Group's nearly 700 job titles provide a wide selection that extends from basic duties to retailer entrepreneurship and to a wide range of specialist and managerial jobs in various fields. The K-Group's extent and comprehensive internal training provide good opportunities to develop at work and make progress, including international duties.

Further information: Riitta Laitasalo, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Kesko Corporation, tel. +358 1053 22060 or +358 500 479440

Kesko is the most versatile provider of trading sector services in the Baltic Sea area. In close cooperation with retailers and other partners it produces retail and wholesale services that are highly valued by customers. Kesko operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

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