Hitt og þetta 10. apríl 2006

Lannen Tehtaat sets out plans for ethanol production

Nordic Business Report-April 10, 2006-Lannen Tehtaat sets out plans for ethanol production
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Finnish industrial food company Lannen Tehtaat Plc unveiled on Monday (10 April) its plans for launching ethanol production in Finland.

The company has conducted a feasibility study to examine the potential for starting production of ethanol in western or south-western Finland, and will now carry out the required an environmental impact assessment for investment in a factory in Sakyla, on the Iso-Vimma industrial estate.

Lannen Tehtaat will also apply to the Finnish ministry of trade and industry for investment subsidy.

The ethanol produced in the factory would be used primarily in transportation fuels. Under the preliminary plan it would have an output of 66 million kilos (83.5 million litres) of ethanol per year and 100 million kilos of animal feed by-products.

The tentative cost estimate of the investment is EUR45m, Lannen Tehtaat said.

One euro (EUR) is worth approximately 0.69 British pounds (GBP).

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