Hitt og þetta 10. apríl 2006

Marel hf expands its market shares by acquiring AEW Thurne and Delford Sortaweigh

Marel hf announces the acquisition of UK based AEW Thurne (AEW) and Delford Sortaweigh (Delford) from the AEW Delford Group Ltd. This is Marel's first strategic move to implement its new target of becoming a leading global manufacturer of food processing equipment, and to triple annual revenues over the next 3 to 5 years. AEW Thurne and Delford Sortaweigh will be operated under the name AEW Delford Systems Ltd., after the acquisition.

AEW Thurne and Delford Sortaweigh products are manufactured in Harwich and Norwich in the UK. They operate two US sales and marketing subsidiaries in Illinois and Arkansas and a French branch in Vannes. Their main markets are in the UK, USA, France and the Netherlands. "AEW Thurne and Delford Sortaweigh are well known for their high quality processing products," says Marel CEO Hordur Arnarson, "for example high-speed slicing, portion control and shaping, weigh price labeling and robotic systems. These products are an excellent addition to Marel's product portfolio. Customers now have a broader, more in-depth range of solutions. In addition, we expect sales of the AEW and Delford products to increase significantly through our global sales network."

Customers will clearly benefit from the companies' joint activities, the main benefits from the acquisition being following:

1. AEW Delford Systems' product categories add to and complement Marel's current product portfolio. 2. The acquisition will strengthen both companies' R&D activities by knowledge sharing and transfer of know how between product categories. 3. The companies' sales and service networks will work together, thereby providing customers with a greater range of processing solutions and services. 4. Both companies will strengthen their potential to increase sales through a strong joint global sales network.

Marel R&D Director Asgeir Asgeirsson has been appointed CEO of AEW Delford Systems Ltd. effective immediately. "Both Marel and AEW Delford Systems have ambitious technical programs that have proven themselves with excellent products. This will be further strengthened by merging activities," says Asgeirsson. "There is strength in size, especially when the company vision is streamlined and focused. We intend to play a major role in Marel's overall expansion plan."

Founded in 1983, Marel has risen to become one of the world's leading developers of high-tech food processing equipment. After the acquisition Marel operates 19 subsidiaries that make up the Marel Group. The Group comprises three principal companies labeled as "Partners in Processing": Marel hf, Carnitech and AEW Delford Systems along with 16 other subsidiaries in 14 countries and branch offices in five countries. In addition, the Group has a global network of over 50 agents and distributors that market, sell and service its products. Together, the companies that make up today's Marel Group supply a complete range of processing equipment to all sectors of the food processing industry.