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Metro International S.A. ("Metro International"), the international newspaper group, and Stampen AB ("Stampen"), one of the leading media groups in Sweden and publisher of Gothenburg's largest newspaper Göteborgs-Posten, today announce that they have entered into a strategic sales alliance covering the wider Gothenburg market.

A new sales package, Hela Stan, will be jointly offered by Göteborgs-Posten and Metro International's Gothenburg edition ("Metro Gothenburg") to the two newspapers' existing key clients and selected prospective clients. Hela Stan will draw on the strengths of both newspapers and their excellent complementariness, offering an unrivaled overall reach of 8 out of every 10 people in Gothenburg and 7 out of every 10 in the key 15 to 35 age group. The sales package will be launched at the beginning of October.

Stampen's CEO Tomas Brunegård commented "This is an important strategic step for us and opens up a unique opportunity to increase our mutual strength on the local market in Gothenburg."

In addition, as part of this strategic alliance, Metro International has granted an option to Stampen to acquire a 10 per cent. stake in Metro Gothenburg, subject to Hela Stan delivering certain pre-agreed targets. This option will be exercisable towards the end of 2008 and its agreed price values Metro Gothenburg at SEK 475 million. Metro Gothenburg's net sales amounted to SEK 120 million in 2005.

Pelle Törnberg, CEO of Metro International said "Göteborgs-Posten is an ideal partner for Metro Gothenburg and Hela Stan will have significant appeal to existing and prospective clients. The strategic sales alliance will further cement the excellent relationship with Stampen we have enjoyed in the past and will allow Metro Gothenburg and Metro Sweden to strengthen their leadership in the local and national free daily market." *** For further information, please visit www.metro.lu, or contact: Pelle Törnberg , President & CEO Tel: +44 20 7016 1300

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Metro is the largest and fastest growing international newspaper in the world. 70 Metro editions are published in 93 major cities in 21 countries in 19 languages across Europe, North & South America and Asia. Metro has a unique global reach - attracting a young, active, well-educated, metropolitan audience of over 18.5 million daily readers and more than 37 million weekly readers. Metro has an equal number of male and female readers and 70% are under the age of 45. Metro's advertising sales have grown at a compound annual rate of 44% since the launch of the first edition in 1995.

Metro International S.A. 'A' and 'B' shares are listed on the Stockholmsbörsen 'O-List' under the symbols MTROA and MTROB.

25 ára afmælistilboð VB – 50% afsláttur af áskrift

Afmælistilboð VB

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