Hitt og þetta 30. september 2005

Mobile bridge toll causes friction in Denmark and Sweden

Nordic Business Report-September 30, 2005-Mobile 'bridge toll' causes friction in Denmark and Sweden
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Mobile phone companies in both Denmark and Sweden currently charging a so-called 'bridge toll' for crossing the Sound of Oresund are reportedly forcing their customers to pay up to 1000% extra for using their mobile phones whilst commuting from one country to the other. Currently 3.6 million people live in the area and according to recent figures over 7,000 Swedes and Danes commute across the 16km-long bridge that joins the two countries on a daily basis. The charges imposed by mobile companies on customers who are commuting from country to country are enforced regardless of the fact that some providers operate on both sides of the divide. The Oresund Institute warned this week that the region's roaming tariffs are seen as the biggest obstacle in the way of increased integration and cooperation between eastern Denmark and southern Sweden, reported The Register.

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