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New Broadcast Technology City Communication's Live Line Broadcast Codec

TOKYO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/13/2006 -- On April 24, 2006 City Communication, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan, will unveil its "Next Generation Broadcast System: Live Line" at "Hannovermesse 2006" international industrial trade show, http://www.hannovermesse.de/

Live video communication can be accomplished with the highest standards of clarity and quality utilizing City Communication's Live Line System ("LLS"). LLS is an original, cutting-edge codec and super high speed broadcast technology (development code name: Ming). HD images can be broadcast live while maintaining "Ultra Compression, High Definition, High Speed, Low Cost" that make City Communication's technology unique.

What was once impossible -- the broadcast of HD images through ADSL lines and wireless networks -- is now a simple feat. Furthermore, it enables the transmission of high quality information at what were previously unimaginably low costs utilizing minimal broadcast equipment.

City Communication will make this technology available, initially, to provide HD images in live broadcast, VOD (video on demand), and PVR (personal video recorder). At "Hannovermesse 2006" City Communication will have demonstrations featuring the following:

HD Image Transmission via BlueTooth (Live and VOD) (figure 1)

Once considered a daydream, the use of Bluetooth technology to transmit HD images is now a reality. From an onsite HD camera live images will be encoded and transmitted at a speed of 350kbs to multiple receivers. Additionally, the contents accumulated on the Live Line Server will be VOD replayed.

Broadcasting HD images through STB (encoder/decoder) (figure 2)

By linking an STB equipped with an encoding chip to an HD camera by means of a LAN cable (a virtual internet connection), an HD image cam be transmitted at 1Mbps from the decoding STB. What's more, an IP address is not necessary.

Development code: Ming

City Communication's codec compression is approximately 10% of the ordinary MPG2 (about 6Mbps). Despite its quick transmission speed, this compression technology is optimized for high picture quality and conforms with current networks. While bringing to life the highest in compression capabilities, Ming codec makes possible the next generation in video communication. The debut of our codec represents a paradigm shift in the communication industry and is an enormous step into the next generation of video communication.

About City Communication, Inc.

City Communication, Inc. is an Information and Communication Technology company based in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1999 to pursue R&D of codec for internet video broadcast and to provide multimedia and Internet related services. It has representative offices in Hong Kong and Los Angeles.