Hitt og þetta 10. apríl 2006

New Ecological Technology Producing Unlimited Amount of Electricity

OSNABRUECK, GERMANY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/10/06 -- I.E.S., a German International scientific research company in the field of environmental technologies, today announced that it has succeeded in developing an ecological technology that can produce unlimited amounts of electricity by using just the permanently available heat from the ambient temperature of the air. A team of 30 scientists worked intensively on this project.

The achieved results were repeatedly confirmed during the last seven months by multiple tests in the presence of several neutral experts on the 5 KW electricity producing unit that was named "SOTER1."

I.E.S. technology needs no fuel to run and can replace all the conventional oil, gas, coal, and nuclear plants leaving no pollution behind. The main element of this technology is a specially designed turbine built inside a high-effective heat pump. As known, the existing heat pumps are widely used in industry due to their effectiveness -- their output in this form of heat exceeds the electric input. I.E.S. technology allows converting the output heat into electricity. This invention works in accordance with the laws of Thermodynamics.

To understand the I.E.S. technology one should go no further than the work principles of the solar energy technologies, where heat from the sun is converted into electricity. The new invention allows extracting effectively the permanently available heat from the air, regardless of weather conditions, location, time and converting it into electric energy.

"Dr. Nicola Tesla stated more than 100 years ago, that the largest untapped reservoir of energy on the planet is the atmospheric heat, which can be captured and converted into electricity. He was absolutely right and we have proven it in practice. We realize the positive impact of our invention on the existing global system. The human civilization will enter a new era with no energy shortage. We wish to cooperate with all interested countries and concerned organizations to achieve this goal," stated Dr. Martin Padisak, I.E.S. Chairman and CEO.