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Next-generation banknote counting machine launched by De La Rue

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 09/13/06 -- The new EV86-Series banknote counter launched this month could cut banknote processing time by up to 45%, resulting in substantial savings every year. By combining reliable feed, accuracy and speed De La Rue claims to offer its customer's unparalleled efficiency.

De La Rue's new Ultra Feed(TM) technology gives consistent, durable and reliable feeding of banknotes at a rate 20% faster than the competition. The counter is capable of handling notes of all design types, quality and condition constantly feeding notes without causing damage while providing users with a tidy counted stack.

At full speed the EV86-Series is capable of counting over 2000 notes per minute outperforming the leading competitors by up to 34% so claim De La Rue.

"We tested the EV86-Series for accuracy." states De La Rue Product Manager Gavin Doyle. "Our unique and market leading counting technology, Mechanical Double Detection(TM), outperformed the rival Opacity Doubles Detect technology by more than 100 times." explains Doyle. "Ultimately, it doesn't matter how many detectors a counter has, or how fast it is, if the notes do not feed well and the result is not accurate, it costs the user both time and money. The EV86-Series counts notes accurately the first time and every time." he adds.

The performance figures of the new counter seem credible as they were the result of extensive trials, both in banks around the world and at De La Rue's in-house laboratories. A huge range of currencies and environmental conditions were tested. "Our research shows that the EV86-Series delivers exactly what we intended - the best feeding and the most accurate machine out there." said Gavin Doyle.

"It's easy to see why this is a premium product that offers customers value for money, with a contemporary styling that complements the professional environment that our customers look to portray," concluded Gavin Doyle.

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