Hitt og þetta 16. nóvember 2005

Nokia enters into collaboration with Grameen Foundation USA

Nordic Business Report-November 16, 2005-Nokia enters into collaboration with Grameen Foundation USA
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Finnish telecomms solutions provider Nokia said on Tuesday (15 November) that it had entered into collaboration with the global non-profit organisation Grameen Foundation USA (GFUSA) to bring affordable, accessible telecommunications to rural villages in Africa through micro finance. The collaboration builds on GFUSA's global Village Phone initiative that helps people living in rural areas start self-sustaining businesses while providing affordable telecommunications to their communities. As part of this effort Nokia and GFUSA have jointly developed a solution based on Nokia's most affordable phones and an external antenna to serve rural communities in Uganda and Rwanda. Nokia and GFUSA would also conduct a study to further examine the broader impact of mobile telecommunications on socio-economic development and individual business integration.

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