Hitt og þetta 28. september 2006

Nomination Committee for Capio appointed

At Capio's Annual General Meeting in 2006, a decision was taken that the members of the Nomination Committee would be appointed in accordance with a principle that the three largest shareholders at 31 August 2006 would designate three members of the Nomination Committee, with the requirement that a majority are not Capio Board members. The Chairman of the Nomination Committee shall represent one of the largest shareholders and, in addition to the appointed members, the Chairman of the Board shall be included in the Nomination Committee and shall be its convener.

Capio's three largest shareholders at 31 August, the Fourth AP Fund, the Second AP Fund and Orkla ASA, have each appointed a member of the Nomination Committee. The Chairman of the Nomination Committee will be chosen at the Committee's statutory meeting.

The Nomination Committee prior to the 2007 Annual General Meeting comprises the following members:

- Annika Andersson, Fourth AP Fund - Carl Rosén, Second AP Fund - Ole Dahl, Orkla - Roger Holtback, Chairman of Capio and Convenor of the Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee's assignments include submitting proposals for the election of the Chairman of the Board and other Board members, remuneration for the Board and compensation for committee work, and the election and payment of auditors.

Information is provided on Capio's web site regarding how shareholders can submit proposals to the Nomination Committee.

Göteborg, 28 September 2006 Capio AB (publ)