Hitt og þetta 12. júlí 2007

Norwegian Property acquires 31,736 square meters of attractive office and retail propertie

Norwegian Property ASA has acquired 4 office and retail properties at Aker Brygge, CBD in Oslo, for NOK 1,740 million from DnB NOR Bank ASA. The following features are among Norwegian Property's reasons for making this investment: * Rents have already increased and are expected to increase substantially more at Aker Brygge in the years to come * Aker Brygge is one of the most attractive business/ shopping- and residential areas in Oslo * Tjuvholmen, a residential building project located only a few hundred meters from Aker Brygge, will increase the activity in the area even more. * Vestbanen, a large area behind the old train station at Aker Brygge, is in a process expecting exciting development and high activity * Total exposure at Aker Brygge after the transaction is 89,669 square meters and a gross rent of NOK 232 million * The investment is in line with Norwegian Properties overall strategy focusing on high quality, triple A properties, with prime locations and prime tenants. The properties consist of approximately 31,736 square meters of mainly office- and retail/restaurant premises. The estimated gross rental income for 2007 is approximately NOK 82.5 million and net rental income is approximately NOK 77.4 million. The purchase price is based on a property value of 1,754. The main tenant is DnB NOR Bank ASA (82% of rental income) and they have a four year contract with right to extend at market conditions. The rest of the tenants is mainly shops and restaurants and they have an average duration of 4,4 years. The DnB NOR Bank's head quarter is situated at Aker Brygge and there is no vacancy in the properties.100% of the total portfolio is CPI adjusted annually. The properties were purchased at a net yield of approximately 4.5% on contract rent 2007/2008. Following the acquisition, Norwegian Property is the largest property owner at Aker Brygge. Norwegian Property believes that the properties have been purchased at an attractive yield level given the market rent development recently. The office contract rent is around NOK 2,700 per square meter while today's market rent is around NOK 3,500 per square meter on average. Recently, Norwegian Property renegotiated one of its existing contracts at a rent of NOK 4,300 per square meter and the market rent is expected to increase up to around NOK 5,000 during a few years. Implied yield on current market rent for the DnB NOR properties are approximately 5.8%. The Aker Brygge area is one of the most attractive business/shopping- and residential areas in the city of Oslo. Several hundred companies are located in the Aker Brygge area and more than 5.000 live and work at Aker Brygge. Aker Brygge is a major attraction for residents and tourist attracting more than 14 million visitors each year. Aker Brygge has excellent communications and walking distance towards the inner city, with railway and underground station only minutes away. Ferries and trams are arriving at Aker Brygge several times every hour all day long. Both commercial and residential property prices have been rising rapidly in the area during the past few years. Due to this Norwegian Property expects a positive valuation development for the properties purchased at Aker Brygge. " Norwegian Property regards the transaction as attractive for the company both financially and operationally. After the transaction will have an even stronger position in the CBD in Oslo. The properties are purchased at an attractive yield level in relation to re-negotiation potential of rental contracts at high market rent level in the years to come. Current contract rent is around NOK 2,700 and market reports project it to rise to around NOK 5.000 within few years. Properties at Aker Brygge are considered to be some of the most attractive in whole country and we are glad to get a large and solid tenant like DnB NOR in our portfolio." says CEO Petter Jansen in Norwegian Property. The transaction will be completed in 3rd quarter 2007. See also the attached presentation of the property portfolio. Further information from Petter Jansen, President and CEO, Norwegian Property ASA, tel: +47 9009 8728 Mona Ingebrigtsen, Chief Operational Officer, Norwegian Property ASA, tel: +47 9055 1104 Norwegian Property in brief - Invests in attractive and centrally-located commercial property in Norway's largest cities. - Today, total investments amount to about NOK 20 billion in 59 quality properties. - Total area of about 762,000 square meters provides an annual gross rental income of NOK 1,154 millions. - Portfolio contains almost no vacant space and has an average remaining lease term of about 7 years. - Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in November 2006 under the ticker NPRO. The company has about 900 shareholders whereof more than 60% of the shares are controlled by foreign investors. - The market cap is approximately NOK 8.0bn - Additional information about the company is available on www.norwegianproperty.no or www.npro.no