Hitt og þetta 10. apríl 2006

Notice of Hakon Invest Annual General Meeting

The Nomination Committee in Hakon Invest proposes the re-election of Board members Lars Otterbeck, Cecilia Daun Wennborg, Anders Fredriksson, Jan-Olle Folkesson, Olle Nyberg and Jan Olofsson as well as the new election of Thomas Strindeborn. Stig Lundström has announced that he declines re-election. The Nomination Committee proposes that Lars Otterbeck be re-elected Chairman. More detailed information about the Board members is provided at www.hakoninvest.se. It is proposed that fees to the Board of Directors be unchanged and amount to SEK 1,800,000, of which SEK 500,000 to the Board Chairman, SEK 300,000 to the Vice Chairman and SEK 200,000 to the other members. Moreover, an additional SEK 200,000 is proposes to be distributed for committee work. The Board proposes that the basic principles for remuneration and employment terms for senior executives be adopted. It is also proposed that certain key personnel shall be included in the Board's proposal for an incentive program for senior executives and be able to acquire call options in the company. A dividend of SEK 4.50 per common share is proposed. The complete notification is provided on the Group's website www.hakoninvest.se and attached to this press release. Documentation for certain decision points will be published on the website not later than April 25.

For more information, contact: General Counsel Fredrik Hägglund tel. +46-8-55 33 99 08

Head of Investor Relations Pernilla Linger tel. +46-8-55 33 99 55