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ON24 Rich Media Powers CMO Council Video e-Mail Campaign for Upcoming CMO Summits in San F

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- ON24 Inc., the global leader in webcasting and video communication solutions, today announced the launch of the industry's first-ever email campaign that leverages video clips to drive 'call to action' by recipients. The campaign, produced for the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and executed on the ON24 rich media webcasting platform, promotes the Council's upcoming CMO Summit in San Francisco on October 5. It is aimed at driving conference registrations among members who account for more than $60 billion in annual marketing expenditures.

The campaign, which began August 16, consists of a four-part series of video vignettes from noted marketing gurus to inform, encourage and enlist peers to register and attend. The first promotional wave featured a video clip of Yahoo's CMO Cammie Dunaway, who spoke of the merits of networking and information exchange that occurs at the conference. To view the video clip, visit: www.on24.com/cmo.html.

The video clip drove a 40 percent increase in website traffic to the CMO site by recipients seeking more information about the Summit. Actual registrations rose by 60 percent over the pre-campaign total.

The second wave, to launch this week, features a video clip of CMO Council founder and executive director Donovan Neale-May, who will highlight Summit topics that increase empowerment to marketing executives. A third wave will feature Jan Soderdstrom, the former Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Brand Management for 3Com Corporation. And, the final wave will showcase all three gurus on a single video clip.

"The early results of this engaging video-based campaign have been quite impressive," said Donovan Neale-May, CMO Council founder and executive director. "Given the everyday challenge of reaching and gaining the attention of senior executives, we are exploring a number of different approaches using the ON24 platform. It is giving us a whole new way to communicate with our audience using video testimonials from peers."

"ON24 is excited to play this crucial technology role in enabling such 21st century marketing innovation," said Sharat Sharan, President and CEO of ON24. "We applaud this fresh approach to leveraging our rich media platform in this enlivening way, and encourage the CMO Council to continue to push the envelope in its future promotional strategies."

The Council now plans to promote its international Summit in London this November in a similar fashion, as a result of the early success of this campaign.

About the CMO Council

The CMO Council is dedicated to high-level knowledge exchange, thought leadership and personal relationship building among senior marketing and brand decision-makers across a wide range of global industries. Nearly 2,000 top marketing executives are represented on the CMO Council, accounting for well over $50 billion in aggregated annual revenues. Visit the CMO Council website to find out about the initiatives geared to address executive marketers' challenges at www.cmocouncil.org.

About ON24

ON24 is the global leader of webcasting and video communications solutions. More than 500 leading organizations including Cardinal Health, Cisco Systems, Motorola, CMP Media, Credit Suisse, Dept. of Education, Hewlett-Packard, National Science Foundation and Sun Microsystems use ON24 for activities such as lead generation, internal communications, conferences and events, product launches, sales training, continuing professional education, and executive announcements. The Company headquarters is in San Francisco, with offices in Washington, D.C., New York and London. For more information, visit www.on24.com.

"A World of Webcasting Solutions. One Webcasting Provider" -- is a trademark of ON24.

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